6 (or so)  Facts About Me

1) My name is Candice Charisma; No, it's not a stage name, it's my given name from birth. What can I say, my dad's a genius!

2) I am a United States Army Veteran. Born and raised in Brooklyn (Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way!), but I now live in D.C.

3) I got my actual start in Photography during a trip to Amsterdam when I did a bulk upload of my iPhone photography on Instagram and received positive feedback, which in turn made me realize that I lived in the most beautiful places in the world, including Germany and Seattle and had never documented any of it. This led me to buy my first camera -- a Nikon cool pix, and the rest is history.

4) If you can't tell by now, Photography is my passion. I love the process of conceptualizing a shoot to executing the final product in post-production. I've worked for wonderful organizations where I've leveraged my photo skills, including CBS (now known as Paramount.)

5) FUN FACT: COVID-19 happened during the last half of my grad school year and played a significant role in me moving out of N.Y. and ending my time at CBS. I mention it because it changed my career trajectory and taught me how to be more creative with my photography (i.e., starting my photography business bycandicecharisma.)

6) The best way to sum up my skills is that I'm a photo girl. I can conceptualize, shoot, retouch, and handle all photo logistics. I have a degree in journalism, so I am also a fantastic writer. I work on the marketing and communications team in my current role, so I know a thing or three about branding.

*Bonus: I love capturing moments in time. A photographer I am, a photographer I'll die!*

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